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Managing the Art, Science & Magic of validations in Product

A talk by Jasjit Singh 🇮🇳
Head of Product, OLX Group

Validations are cornerstone in both problem/opportunity assessment and product discovery. The more effective product managers are in validation, the closer the product is to the user. As simple as it may sound, it’s a huge headache for product teams in deciding what method or a combination of what method will work in a certain situation. These methods may be just looking at the data, talking to the users, showing paper prototypes, low fidelity mockups, high fidelity designs but the question remains on how to be effective in experiment design to optimise on time & effort without losing out on insights.

In my experience, validation design starts with why, what, how of problem. I would love to take the audience through how to make problem framing – reframing effective by bringing out actors, interactions and closely observing the current way of addressing the problem. By bringing out these variables, we start thinking about the experience that our product shall provide. This leads to extracting the variables that we want to change and the ones which we can’t control. Post that, we need to ask ourselves, how best can we simulate the ‘world’ relevant to problem with what method and then design the experiments. I will take the audience through short case studies that simulate experiment design and help in demystifying the art, science and magic behind validation of product concepts.

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